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Clear Braces

For many years there was no option to get clear braces and when they did finally show up they were not good.

How to care for clear braces

Times have changed a lot and clear braces are now nearly as strong as metal braces and can offer a very esthetic way to straighten your teeth. You must take great care of your clear braces in order for them to stay as pretty as they are when you first got them on.

What happens if I don’t brush properly?

Clear braces may stain if you do not brush and floss properly. With metal braces there is not the issues of staining but with clear braces if your oral health is not very good the braces may look not as esthetic as they should be. 

You must brush after every meal, snack and after drinking anything that is dark colored. Proper brushing and floss will ensure your braces stay clear.

How should I care for clear braces?

There are certain specific things you should do to care for your clear braces. Let me explain below.

Don’t miss an appointment

If you do not come to an appointment you will be in braces longer and that means it is harder on your teeth. The less time you can be in braces the better. 

Brush properly

Brushing properly is imperative for proper oral hygiene. We prefer an electric toothbrush as they are way more efficient than a manual toothbrush. 

Be sure to floss every day

While flossing is important to maintain during orthodontic treatment, the wires can make the process a little cumbersome at first. Dr. Coughlin may recommend floss threaders to make flossing easier. Either way, stick with this crucial habit to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy during and after treatment.

Avoid sticky, chewy foods

Although your braces are bonded on well they can still fall off if you are not careful. We tell our patients to avoid the hard, sticky and chewy foods.
If you break one or two brackets that will be ok but if you continuously break brackets you will be in orthodontic treatment longer. Here are some foods to avoid:
1. Popcorn
2. Taffy
3. Nuts
4. Hard pizza crust

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