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Dental Extractions

At Thrive Dental, we will always try to save your natural teeth whenever possible.

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Sometimes, however, a tooth needs to come out in order to avoid worse dental health issues. Our dentists will make sure your tooth extraction in Richardson is performed as smoothly as possible. If you think one of your teeth needs to come out for any reason, contact our office today for a consultation; we’ll help you make the best choice for your pearly whites!

Why you need a tooth extraction

Your permanent teeth should ideally last a lifetime but in life things happen. Either you have decay that has gotten really big or you have fractured one or multiple teeth. When this happens you may need to get your tooth extracted.

Tooth extractions can be a procedure that sounds worse than it actually is. With the proper anesthesia, and our highly trained dentists in Richardson, you will be surprised at how easy an extraction can be.

What are the types of tooth extractions?

There are two main types of dental extractions, simple and surgical. Simple extraction is when a tooth is fully erupted and the dentist can pull it out easily. Surgical extraction occurs when the tooth is not fully erupted or may be severely broken down. The dentist may have to remove some gum tissue or bone to extract the tooth.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Most people nowadays do not have enough space in their mouths for all 32 teeth. If a wisdom tooth is erupting horizontally or is causing pain you may need to have it extracted. Wisdom tooth extraction can be an easy procedure if done correctly and we are here to help you heal quickly and be back on to your daily life.

Dry socket

Dry socket can be a painful occurrence after wisdom teeth removal. You will be aware if you have dry socket as the pain can often times be very difficult. Dry socket occurs when the blood clot is dislodged from the tooth extraction site. A few ways to avoid dry socket are:

  1. No sucking through a straw for 4-6 days
  2. Avoid smoking for 4-6 days
  3. Avoid hard or crunchy foods until the extraction site is fully healed.

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