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As we age it is sometimes difficult to keep all of our teeth.

Smile again with dentures

Although less common than before, partial and full dentures are still a great option for patients who have lost some or all of their teeth.

Dentures can give you your confidence back and allow you to smile. At Thrive Dental in Richardson we believe creating beautiful dentures can help patients lead a better and more fulfilled life.

Why should I replace missing teeth?

Replacing even one missing tooth can save you from a lot of issues in the future. Teeth tend to move into extraction spaces and if not treated early it can be very difficult to fill that hole with a denture, partial denture or implants. Once teeth fall into the extraction sites they tend to become weaker and many times they need to be extracted as well. This sequalae of events is why we recommend replacing missing teeth as soon as possible to save you money and future dental visits.

What are full dentures?

Full dentures consist of a gum like structure filled in with teeth that look very natural. Often times dentures will look better than your natural teeth and patients are able to smile again. Dentures fit on top of your gums or implants. Implant supported dentures are a lot more stable and patients tend to enjoy the feeling of them more. 

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are for patients who do not need all of their teeth replaced. They have the same basic look as a full denture but they are only replacing some missing teeth and not the full arch of teeth. 

Implant supported dentures

Dentures by themselves may have the tendency to fall off or not be as stable as some patients would like. A great option to make your dentures more stable are some implants. Implant supported dentures allow you to still get that full set of dentures but they become more stable because implants are directly placed in your jaw that support the denture. Patients tend to love the stability that implants offer.

I need dentures!

The first step to getting dentures is to come to our office in Richardson, TX. We will complete a full mouth exam and let you know what your best denture option is. Many times we may recommend implants to help support your denture and make it as comfortable as possible. 
Our goal at Thrive Dental is to help you get the smile you deserve and guide you through your denture process. 

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