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Direct Bonding

If you weren't born with perfect white teeth, like many of us, you could likely benefit from some direct bonding.

Direct bonding: A quick way to change your smile

Direct composite bonding differs from veneers in that there is minimal to no preparation and it is designed for minimal imperfections.

What is direct bonding?

We use a tooth-colored resin to enhance the natural beauty of your teeth. Direct bonding requires minimal preparation and is a great option for those small fractures or edges that you would like to refine on some of your teeth. This may not be a permanent option but can be a great alternative to dental veneers. 

What is the bonding procedure?

The process of bonding your teeth is very easy. We will remove any decay and smooth out any imperfections. Your Richardson dentist will then gently etch your tooth followed by a bonding material and then composite.

Composite is a tooth-colored filling that has been used for decades. This is a similar material you may have seen when you had your cavities filled. If done properly this can be a very esthetic option.

Benefits of dental bonding

Here are some of the reason we like using direct bonding at Thrive Dental in Richardson:

1. Minimal to no preparation of the tooth.

2. Great for minor imperfections and takes only one visit.

3. May not even need anesthesia.

4. Gives a great long term result if properly maintained. 

5. Can look better than your natural teeth.

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