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Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies happen all too frequently. Whether you hit a tooth, have a severe toothache or just need to see your dentist right away, we are here to help.

Your Richardson emergency dentist

There are some common dental emergencies so let’s talk about the types of dental emergencies we see at Thrive Dental in Richardson, TX.

Most common dental emergencies

Knocked out tooth

This is the most common dental emergency. The video below describes what you should do if your tooth is fully knocked out. Time is of the essence so call our dental office asap to get in if your tooth was knocked out. 

Broken down tooth

If your tooth was broken, try to locate the broken piece and call our emergency dental office right away. There is a chance that we can glue that portion back or add some composite to the existing tooth. 

Wisdom tooth extractions

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth extracted but if you do there are some things to be aware of. Make sure to avoid:
1. Sucking through a straw after treatment.
2. Avoid strenuous exercise after treatment.
3. Avoid smoking for a week after extractions


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