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Metal Braces

Do you want to straighten your teeth with metal braces?

Traditional braces for Richardson families

Did you know most of the time metal braces are the most affordable, quickest and most accurate way to straighten teeth?

At Thrive Orthodontics in Richardson we pride ourselves on creating outstanding smiles with metal braces. Our orthodontists are highly trained in using braces and we can’t wait to get your your perfect smile.

Traditional braces for your child

If your child already comes to Thrive Dental and Orthodontics for their dental needs you should consider seeing us for metal braces. Imagine having all of your dental and orthodontic work done in one office!  We treat kids as young as 7 years old with traditional metal braces. 

Traditional braces for adults

You are never too mature to get the smile you want. We have treated adults as old as 75 with traditional metal braces.

It is a common myth that adults cannot use metal or clear braces to straighten their teeth. Our orthodontists can accomplish most of the same treatment outcomes in adults that you can with children. 

Whether you choose metal braces, clear braces or Invisalign, we can help you out at our office in Richardson, TX.

Whats the best age to get braces?

Patients of all ages can get braces but the best age to start coming to your orthodontist is at the age of 7. The American Association or Orthodontics recommends this age as there are treatments that can only be accomplished when you are growing. That being said, patients of all ages can benefit from straightening their teeth with metal braces. 

How to take care of braces?

Taking care of  braces can be easy if you know all of the tricks. Brushing is very similar but you have to brush above, below and on the braces. This will make sure you remove all of the debris from your metal braces. You should also brush after every meal as food has a tendency to get stuck in your applianes.

Flossing can be a little more tricky. We offer something called Plackers at our office in Richardson. These allow the patients to floss almost as easily as if they did not have braces. 

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