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How to find an orthodontist in Richardson, TX?

Friends who don’t live in Texas often ask me, “how can I find a good orthodontist?” I love answering this question because I want the best smile for everyone, but this isn’t always a fast answer.

With so many orthodontists and various choices such as Metal braces, clear braces, and Invisalign, how do you find the best orthodontist wherever you may be located?

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before choosing an orthodontist.

Do you want metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign?

This may be tough to answer right now, but not all orthodontists use all treatments. I know many orthodontists who have Inviaslign-only practices or, mainly older orthodontists, only work with metal braces

You may not know what you want to use, but if you have an idea, then you can ask the orthodontic office before you make your appointment what their preferred method of tooth movement is.

Are you going to be utilizing orthodontic insurance?

Insurance can be an important factor when choosing an orthodontist. Choosing a provider that accepts your insurance can save you up to $3500. Patients ask us daily if we are in network with Aetna, Metlife, Cigna, etc., and this is an essential question as you have already paid for orthodontic insurance, so you should try to maximize it.

Office google reviews

Looking at Google reviews may seem obvious, but even I forget this when choosing a medical provider. With medicine, I find it a little more difficult to find proper reviews, but with dental offices, it seems more straightforward.

I tend to skip out on Yelp as there are too many blocked reviews, but google does a good job at accepting most reviews, and therefore I look at Google the most. 


I didn’t put this first because I don’t necessarily think more mature orthodontists or dentists are better. There are so many examples of orthodontists and dentists getting worse with age because they do not keep up with the latest technologies and are stuck in their old ways. 

We tend to gravitate to people who seem to have more experience, but I believe that results matter more than time. There are so many orthodontists and dentists that are a year or two out of school and are more talented than their peers who have a decade or more of experience. 


Although this is my last point, referrals are probably the most important. If someone has been to an orthodontic office in Richardson, TX, and enjoyed their experience, then likely, you will too. 

Each orthodontist and orthodontic office has a different feel. Most of the time, the office morale depends highly upon the leaders of the office, which are likely the owner, office manager, and orthodontist.

If those three people have a great positive energy then likely, the staff will as well, and you will feel it when you walk in. I will go back to medical offices that have great staff, but I’ll never return if they have a poor attitude and customer service.

When it’s all said and done, don’t worry too much about making the right decision immediately because most orthodontic offices will offer a free orthodontic consult. I know all of our Thrive Dental and Orthodontic offices have complimentary braces and Invisalign consults, so there is not much to lose to head into an office and see for yourself.

If you have great interactions with the orthodontist and orthodontic team, then you will likely enjoy your braces or Invisalign journey. 


When searching for an orthodontist in Richardson, TX, or whatever city you are located in, make sure to look at their reviews, check if they take your insurance, see if they offer the services you like and if you know someone who has been there already, ask them about their experience. 

If you are ever in the Richardson, TX, area, we would love to see you at our Thrive Dental and Orthodontic office.

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