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Not only is gum disease one of the most common chronic diseases in the world, it’s the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Having a healthy smile is important, there’s no doubt about that. However, without healthy gums, your smile won’t stay the same for long. With the help of periodontal therapy from Dr. Nathan and Christine Coughlin at Breckinridge Dental & Orthodontics, you can get your gum disease treated, reduce your symptoms and prevent tooth loss! Contact our office today to get started!

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Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue caused by built-up plaque and tartar on teeth. This condition can easily develop into multiple stages of severity. In the early stages it is referred to as gingivitis, while the more advanced stages include mild, moderate and severe periodontitis. In the early stages, the symptoms may not be easily noticeable, which is partially why it can become such a serious issue rather quickly. By the time you start to notice the signs of gum disease, chances are damage is or already has occurred to your gum and bone tissue. This is also why early treatment is crucial to your long-term oral and overall health.

Furthermore, recent research has linked gum disease to an increased risk for more serious health conditions. This includes heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems, osteoporosis, diabetes complications, low birth weight and even dementia.


In the first stage of gum disease, gingivitis exhibits few symptoms. These includes red or tender gums as well as bleeding while brushing and flossing. In most cases, gingivitis can be reversed with improved brushing and flossing as well as a professional cleaning by one of our dentists. However, periodontitis exhibits more significant symptoms that only a dentist can treat. These symptoms include:

Swollen or puffy gums
Bright red or purplish gums
Increased sensitivity of the gums and teeth
Gum recession
Teeth appearing longer than usual
Pain while biting or chewing
Chronic bad breath
Changes in the way your denture fits


Regardless of the condition of your gums, there are treatments you can take advantage of at our office. Take a moment to learn exactly what we can do when you schedule your visit



Our office keeps record of your gum health via a chart, which includes the details on the current pocket depth of your gums. This helps us determine not only how serious your condition is, but how well your gums respond to treatment over time. If your pocket depth is deep or grows, it’s a sign that an infection is present. Our hygienists will make sure to record your pocket depth in your chart and keep track of changes over time. This will help us create a more comprehensive diagnosis of your gums and aid us in building a treatment plan that works for you.


When gum disease develops past gingivitis, scaling and root planing can work to remove plaque buildup from below and above the gum line. Scaling helps us reach the areas of the mouth that normal brushing and flossing cannot, while root planing promotes reattachment of gums to the tooth roots. Antibiotic therapy is typically provided in tandem with scaling and root planing to accelerate healing of gum tissue and prevent future infections.

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