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Root Canal Treatment

Pain is not something we take lightly at Thrive Dental in Richardson.

If you are experiencing severe dental discomfort it is likely that you will need a root canal.

A root canal can be an easy procedure if we get the infection under control before starting the root canal therapy. We will often times give you antibiotics before starting treatment to make sure you have the most comfortable visit possible.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is when a dentist removes the nerves and blood vessels of your tooth because there was a large cavity or perhaps trauma to the tooth.

A root canal treatment typically involves one or two visits to complete. You may receive antibiotics before treatment to reduce any swelling that may be present. 

You will need a dental crown placed on top of the tooth that received a root canal therapy.

Why do I need a root canal?

A root canal is a simple procedure that helps alleviate many problems you may be having. Some reasons why you may need a root canal include:

  1. Large cavity that has reached the center of the tooth.
  2. Large fracture of your tooth that is causing you pain.
  3. Trauma to your tooth that has caused discoloration.

Other symptoms you may be having would be:

  1. Swelling on the side of your mouth.
  2. Pimple-looking area around the base of a tooth.
  3. Extreme throbing pain.

What is the root canal process?

In order to confirm that you need a root canal we will take a series of radiographs and tests to make sure that is in fact the procedure that is recommended.

The root canal may take one or several visits to complete before the dentist needs to place the final dental crown over the root canal tooth. 

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